Is Kick the Funniest Movie of 2023? Find Out Now!

Is Kick the Funniest Movie of 2023? Find Out Now!

Santhanam, known for his witty one-liners, takes on a rom-com in “Kick.” The film, which was released on September 1, 2023, introduces us to Santhosh (Santhanam) and Shivani (Tanya Hope), two individuals working in different ad agencies. Their goal? Winning over clients’ hearts. But, does “Kick” live up to the expectations set by Santhanam’s previous successes like “DD Returns”?

Kick Review: Plot and Comedy Expectations

In “Kick,” we witness Santhosh resorting to dubious tactics to attract new clients, while Shivani opts for an honest approach. The conflict arises when Shivani decides to report Santhosh’s unethical behavior to the ad council. What unfolds is a series of events where Santhosh tries to cover up his actions while pursuing his love for Shivani incognito.

However, “Kick” faces a challenge: delivering laughter. Despite featuring numerous comedians and seasoned actors, the film struggles to elicit genuine laughs from the audience. The writing falls short, and many dialogues feel cringe-worthy, relying heavily on double-meaning humor.

Kick Review: The Missed Opportunities

The premise of “Kick” is intriguing: two lead characters working in an ad agency. Unfortunately, the film fails to fully explore the potential of this setup. The humor appears forced, and the lack of creativity in the script hinders even Santhanam’s ability to deliver his trademark witty one-liners.

Santhanam and Tanya Hope’s performances remain decent, but they can only do so much with the material provided. The second half of the film, while somewhat engaging, doesn’t significantly enhance the overall experience.

Kick Review: Final Verdict

Kick” could have been a delightful rom-com, but it falls short due to weak writing and a reliance on formulaic humor. While Santhanam and Tanya Hope manage to salvage some moments with their performances, the film’s potential remains largely untapped. Rom-coms often thrive on clever writing, but “Kick” struggles to deliver in this aspect. In the end, it’s a missed opportunity to create something truly enjoyable for the audience.

Romantic comedies are known for their witty and clever writing, which keeps viewers entertained. Unfortunately, “Kick” fell short in this department. The dialogue and story lacked the depth and originality needed to make a rom-com truly enjoyable.

The movie had the potential for a quirky love story with humor, but it often resorted to clich├ęd jokes and predictable situations, failing to bring anything fresh to the table. Despite Santhanam’s comic timing and Tanya Hope’s charm, they couldn’t completely make up for the film’s shortcomings.

In the end, “Kick” missed the chance to be a truly enjoyable film. With better writing and a more inventive approach to humor, it could have been a standout romantic comedy. Instead, it leaves viewers wanting the cleverness and charm that defines the genre.

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